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Match your pulleys to your belts for extended service life 

Cost efficiency is critical in engineering, including power transmission projects. Designers need high quality components in order to maintain performance and contain operating costs.


Reduce maintenance costs with robust quality chain 

Mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) is an important measure of reliability, and is critical in power transmission systems. Robust chain drives extend mean-time-between-failures, which reduces maintenance costs. 


Find the perfect sprocket for your application

Selecting a power transmission component can be challenging, especially when it is a fundamental part like a sprocket.


Power transmission couplings that meet your specific requirements

Machine designers are under pressure to raise the performance of power transmission systems, in the face of diminishing time and resources. 

Bushings and hubs

Simplify installations with easy-to-fit, high-quality bushings and hubs

Bushings and hubs are available in many variants, offering specific benefits in power transmission applications ranging from automotive to paper making. 

Bolts and tightening systems

Reduce machinery downtime with hydraulic tensioning


Improve plant efficiency with accurate belt selection

Plant efficiency is a key performance indicator, and one that most manufacturers want to improve.